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Bottle Neckers

Bottle Necker is the new trend in the market and an effective promotion of your beverages. It is a tag that hangs loosely around the bottle’s neck. It can be creative and a way to promote the brand.

Custom Bottle Neckers

  • Custom designed inside and outside
  • You will find various colors, prints and designs
  • Adaptable to the shape of your bottle
  • With a compelling message, grab the customers’ attention
  • Pop-up bottle neckers can be an excellent marketing tool
  • Can be Z-Fold Bottle Neckers

Use Bottle Neckers to:

  • Increase revenue by getting your product noticed
  • Promote related products
  • Offer discounts on other items in the store
  • Boost a tasting score, award or recognition

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Z-Fold Bottle Neckers | Impress Your Customers | Promote your Business

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