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We are Folding 6.8 million z-cards, daily..

We  are serving more than 62 countries locally giving you the opportunity to handle your international campaign into budget and on your lead time. z-card

Z Fold Card Format by Masterfold Limited

zcard z-card

Core Product

P Fold Card Format by Masterfold Limited

zcard z-card

Impressive Results

E Fold Card Format by Masterfold Limited

zcard z-card

Unstoppable gadget

B Fold Card Format by Masterfold Limited

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Users Friendly

Discover more solutions 

Combine your project with a smart design on a creative way and be sure that clients will be… Loyal to your Brand.Packaging and distribution are the most common ways to waste your budget, but so effective to attract new clients when you  are choosing the correct solutions…

Masterfold Unique Bags

Eye-catch Bags

Creating an interesting bag, will increase your brand awareness by eye-catching others

Unique Packaging

Unique Packaging

How many times you have been attract to buy a product because of the packaging?Is no a coincidence! We are making this to happen.

Direct Mail by MasterFold

Direct Mail Options

Direct Mail will bring the clients to your product. Plenty of solutions and methods that works most off the times around the world

MasterFold Printing Solutions.

Printing Solutions

We have the technology, the knowledge and the facilities to print your next project on any shape, size or solution. Just consult our local office and make it happen.

Some of our Clients..

To work with the leader brands in the market, doesn’t make us only proud..

Needs responsibility and continuously to work on new and unique solutions to keep them.

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